What People Are Saying

“The result of my experience with PHI Level I was totally unanticipated. I went into the workshop prepared to work on what was “up” for me. I thought I might cry or get angry. I wondered about the depth of my integration. I was curious, as I always am about these workshops, how long the aftermath would linger in my life.I first felt something shift on Day 2. My center opened. I felt the energy of my life having freedom. I breathed into it. There had been no crying. No emotional upheaval. No rant. No confirmation about the traumas in my life. I was able to voice this a bit during our group share. It seemed that I was right with the universe. It seemed I felt my nature as Good (rather than fallen, if you know what I mean). I felt flawless.

Day 3 of the workshop provided an opportunity to dive deeper into some family of origin interaction. (I highly recommend making a request of the group for such an opportunity! The response and group dynamic was awesome!) I didn’t get a chance to reflect on myself until later that evening and every day since then.
It’s been two weeks. I still reverberate with openness–an openness that I have never experienced before. Do you know when you get triggered and you’re right on the cusp of self-care and chilling out or letting the adrenaline have it’s way with you? It’s that feeling of excitation about relief. My sensory body is experiencing an exaltation of relaxation.

I sorta keep waiting for the thud. I keep thinking the effect is going to wear off. Every morning, not only is the relief and relaxation still present for me, it is expanding. Each day, I am finding new space in my physical body–open space. I am experiencing a liberation of my libidinal energy.

I walked into the workshop thinking I was going to take in something. Something else that I had to hold onto. I walked away from PHI Level 1 releasing what I had walked in with and that which I really didn’t understand I had been carrying with me for all of my life that I can remember. My experience was a cataclysm of softening.

I know my way around my body and have attended countless workshops centered on somatic and kinetic awareness. I am no stranger to a therapist’s office. Several therapists offices, really. The combination of talk, movement, and breathe work found in PHI Level 1 is not something that I have seen elsewhere. Level 1 was an exceptional, dare I say, a pivotal juncture in my life. I can’t point to a single exercise in the workshop. I am saying the cumulative process of the workshop resulted in a transformative state of my being. For that, I am most grateful.”

Lisa H, Portland, Oregon USA, Educational Consultant
May 2015

“Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for a truly inspiring and life changing 5-days. It is not often that you have the opportunity to leave behind large chunks of your defense system, but I think that is what happened to me on the PHI training. Now that I am home, the challenge is whether I can maintain a relatively unarmoured posture with my world. So it is a work in progress–many of the gifts probably have yet to come to light, but already I feel assured that this is a path I want to walk on for a while, stripping back the layers of self-defense and revealing more of my vulnerable core to the World. That, after all, is the best way for me to share my love with the world. Thank you for bringing me back to myself, again and again and again….”

“I think the biggest gift that the level one provided me with (and there were many) was that it made the sexual energy work seem normal. It was grounded and safe and even though it was intensely activating at times the end result was a calm, centered sense of safety around my own sexual energy. I do not think I have ever really believed my sexual energy was completely safe. Now, I feel kind of matter of fact about it – as a result of which the breath training here last week had a load of people releasing sexual energy blocks – simply because i was able to feel more normal about the space receiving that. Many of my connections are feeling deep and strong and full of sexual potency right now. I am attributing it in part to the ‘spell-breaking’ of the guilt and shame cycle on Phi level 1.”

With love, sincerity and massive respect, Natalia Brown
Breathwork Therapist & Trainer, England August 2014

“Training with and learning from Deborah is a real joy. Her energy is stabilizing and grounding and she guides, mentors and provides feedback without ever activating my defensiveness or insecurity. What a gift!”

Gwenn Cody, Psychotherapist, USA

“Having attended many sexual healing workshops over the past ten years I finally heard about Deborah Anapol and attended a weekend with her in Ireland. I was immediately impressed by the ease with which she facilitates a group whilst keeping the focus on each individuals learning process rather than her own agenda.( not always the case in these types of workshops..! ) A year later I registered for a week long pelvic heart integration workshop and was completely blown away by the depth of the work and the degree to which the various aspects of a session blend together shedding a new light on the issues I had and showing a clear path on how to heal them. The work on the parental triangle is especially illuminating and the breathwork techniques taught are extremely effective. I returned home very inspired to have discovered this healing technique and immediately incorporated my learning into my own Tantra sessions. When i heard about the PHI teacher training i signed up immediately and am now in the first month of the year long training. Deborah is continuing this work into 2016 and all i can say is check it out! It’s an amazing training and she’s an amazing teacher!”

Mick Sawtell, Ireland

“The value in the PHI training workshop is the level of safety and trust that is allowed to build, thus enabling the innate intelligence in the body to operate with ‘free will’ in choosing and allowing whatever healing is desired, in multiple dimensions. This by-passes the linear dimension that needs to know and understand, and eliminates the need for lengthy processing. Now we are in the realm of the miraculous and the extraordinary.”

Mark McFeely, Energy Healer, Oregon, USA 2015

“Once our sweet little boy was asleep, A and I made passionate deep love, she was opening energetically deeper than she ever has. I could really feel the longing of my ancestral line to feel deeply into A’s heart in our love making. It was enormously pleasurable, we experienced several powerful orgasms. Our connection that night was close to the extraordinary orgasmic birthing experience we shared. The moment we came back into ourselves and finished making love, two Dingoes began to howl just outside our bedroom and I felt powerful vibrations move throughout my whole body and experienced a deep sense of integration from the PHI work. The rest of the week has been unfolding into incredible deep love and intimacy with A and myself, it was as if we had only just met, it is like we have a new relationship all together, more aligned in truth of who we are, more free than before. Though this is much of what our relating has been about, the PHI catapulted us into a completely new level of love, intimacy and freedom. Everyday and night things have been expanding for us, making love passionately every chance, and experiencing more pleasure including pineal gland activation in love making. Life is very exciting right now, not knowing what I am going to experience in the next moment. So much has shifted in profound ways. Thank you so much Taj for the space you created to enable magic to happen.”

—Brett, Bodyworker, Australia

“Deborah’s warmth, intuition and knowledge flow from her like a waterfall leaving me yearning to dive even deeper into my own inner work. She has the ability to hold a calm and safe container for the most transforming experiences.”

—Elizabeth, California, Homeopath and Bodyworker

“Pelvic Heart Integration is powerful system that allows you to harmonize the masculine and feminine within, make conscious that which is unconscious, transform unhealthy parental and familial agreements, reclaim your sexual power and open your heart to loving what is. I highly recommend this work to anyone who desires to live a life of love, freedom and present moment awareness. The Pelvic Heart Integration Training has many practical benefits. The experience of my Inner Mother and Father being aligned and supportive of each other allows me to feel more presence and flow in my life. When I focus on the feminine part of the Breath Cycle I feel the universe supporting me in each moment. These are just two of the many benefits I have noticed since taking the Pelvic Heart Integration Training.”

—Crystal Dawn Morris, Skydancing Tantra Teacher, Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner, and

Pelvic Heart Integration with Deborah Taj Anapol was deeply healing for me. I have been journeying deeply for 10 yrs now yet found this workshop had much to offer. It turned my inner masculine/feminine from a lived concept to an inner union that is bringing me to a divine new level of wholeness, with less struggle and more moments of clarity and ease. Long term enmeshment triggers in my relationship are dissolving like never before, allowing more freedom AND connection. I have found myself again, or rather found new layers of myself that I (and those around me) am really loving. A reminder that spirituality can be found through the body rather than separate from it. Taj’s facilitation is gently profound, affirming, nurturing yet deepening and all from a place of such ease…including the rare but defining quality of personal vulnerability, many thanks Taj for being who you are!

—Annette Baulch, Oztantra, Australia

Nothing is the same after PHI, the mind is more still, and it allows me to go deeper… This profound opening of my Heart is new and exciting and I have started to work deeper on my attachments and let the love flow in. Before, sometimes anger would fill the void, not now, so for that I am truly thankful.

—TA, Australia

Wow. What an incredible journey. I feel so touched by each of you in the group and so grateful to you Taj, for what you’ve given us. Throughout the week my connection with my partner continued to deepen in ways that we’ve never experienced before. But on the Monday, I had such an incredible breakthrough. We were dancing to this beautiful spiritual music and as we danced I could feel this very subtle, deep belief (one I saw and mentioned in the workshop) that he was just seducing me. And as I caught it I thought that maybe, for once, I could put that aside and see what happened if I didn’t believe that. And there, in that shift of perspective, I felt this energy, this love, move through me. Through my body. Through my heart. And I just started crying and crying. For the first time, ever, I really felt his love for me. I could receive his love. He has said it so many times and to a degree I’ve felt it, but there has always been this suspicion, at an unconscious level, that I couldn’t really trust it. And it was there. All this time. But I have never been able to really let it in. And then we lay down and as he held me I cried and cried, deep tears of gratitude, realizing that all this time it’s been me … not being able to let all love in. From all my relationships. From life. All this holding in my body. All this contraction, this tension, these core beliefs … have been stopping the love from moving through me. Separating me from life. From love. From feeling whole. I felt all these energetic bursts as life moved through all of me, through parts of my being that have never been able to feel anything before. It’s been incredible. And for days I could hardly move. All the tension that I’ve been holding throughout my life, my being, just dissolved. And to get up and do, felt like I would have to brace, like I’ve been doing for so long … and I just couldn’t be bothered. It was fantastic!!!! And we made love in ways that I’ve never experienced before … so deeply, with such love, with such ecstatic bliss, with such surrender. Without shame. Without fear. With such connection. So … THANK YOU … to you Taj … for holding what I wasn’t able to see or receive. For your patience and trust. For having walked this path before us and being willing to stand there, with all our projections, and trust our own unfolding … I am so deeply grateful to you for an experience that I won’t forget and one that has opened my eyes to Tantra in a way that I had never understood before. And so many teachings that I have resonated with so deeply, suddenly make sense to me in a way that I hadn’t been able to hear.

—With all my love & gratitude Lorella, Somatic Therapist, Australia